International Journal Published on 2015

Retail Environment and Merchandising on the Evaluation of Impulse Buying (A Case Study of Department Store Consumer in Malang City, Indonesia)

Author/ Pengarang : Sumiati, Nadiyah Hirfiyana Rosita, Ida Yulianti
Journal/ Jurnal : Jurnal UMP Social Sciences and Technology Management

Volume/ Terbitan : Vol. 3, Issue. 1, 2015
Page/ Halaman: 634-641
Publisher/Penerbit: Universiti Malaysia Pahang


This research examined the relationship among retail environment, merchandising and impulse buying of department store’s customer in Malang City, Indonesia. It got 200 customers of department store in Malang City as the respondents based on sampling method. The data analysis in this study used Structural Equation Modeling. Based on the research findings, it was confirmed that the retail environment consists of three dimensions (physical environment, features of store and security-cleanness), one dimensionality of merchandising and impulse buying. It has also received a tentative model among retail environment, merchandising and impulse buying in which all of them have positive and significant influence and fulfill goodness of fit criteria.

Key word: Retail Environment, Merchandising, Impulse Buying, Department Store.

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